Subject Matter Expert

My role as subject matter expert in a mentoring engagement comes from 30 years of diverse experience across multiple domains and functional roles from a simple sales engineer to that of a CEO/Executive Director and the opportunity to evolve business with Board of Directors.

Subject matter expert for enhancing profit:

In this role typically I look at how I lead the companies from CEO position or as Executive Director responsible for multi-location plants dealing with wide variety of activities. I begin with estimation of RTY- rolled through put yield. I care very little about the installed capacity claims by the promoter or management team. RTY will give the top line feasibility being ascertained. From this possible EBITDA range is arrived at. Based on this cost structure gets evaluated to relook at make or buy or manufacturing efficiency. Then decision is made to focus on qty or quality through QMS or QAP or product development phase to reduce margin of error or sales function to see which markets are viable for pricing power. All of these get connected to the EBITDA target and then plan of action is synchronised with operating team.
If you look at the foundry success story link in this website, you will notice that EBITDA of a green sand foundry being mentored by me has moved from 6% to 16% in just seven months using same resources.

Subject matter expert for product development:

No matter which business you are involved in, you need to keep coming with offerings either as product or as service. Having got seven patents granted from Japan/Australia/South Korea/India, you can infer that I bring in the capability to not only manage product development cycle but bring in extensive element of innovation of world class that the resultant output can lead to patents too.
Here the focus is on defining the product requirement document and arriving at “Design to target cost”. Using assorted tools a winning strategy in the market place is looked at than merely functional aspect of the output say a product for consumer or industrial application. This ability and hands on expertise in looking at a product development with very key insights to connect market requirement to business strategy and tactical level of detailing for manufacturing plan is a unique skill set polished over years of being in thick of products being developed using multiple materials and to suit demands of developed as well as developing market.