Interim CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

There are situations in family run companies as well as structured companies around 1000cr that there isa need to deal with an emergency or transition where one CEO leaves all of a sudden and company needs time to find suitable replacements.

Above situation requires someone with rich experience of having been CEO multiple times and know how to deal with a promoter or Board members to join the company in shortest notice and hand hold the team towards that years goals beyond mere top line and bottom line. That’s where I fit in having been an Entrepreneur myself, having been on functional role with Entrepreneurs to scale up their companies or bail them out when they were on deep slide. Also having been in large structured Board level interfacing gives me the bandwidth to deliver performance as Interim CEO

  • Depth in hands on exposure to leading large teams right from design to product development to sales to all functions of manufacturing gives me that cutting edge capability to deliver without worrying about the domain involved.