Start­up? ­ In the "early stages" of your enterprises' life cycle?

You have the vision, the determination and have inspired your circle of friends and classmates to join you on this incredible journey; however being a Start-up brings its own share of roadblocks to overcome. Having written seven success stories with start-ups, you can smoothen out the bumps with me around. Invest a few hours in knowing me and reap the benefits to make yours an inspiring success story with energy levels intact.
If you are roughing it out smoothening the creases and convincing VC's for Series A funding, with my 20-odd years experience - having raised both debt and equity - the ride can be easier and most often, a success.
Need hand-holding in the intricate process of developing and launching a product? Being domain agnostic enables me to work across functions, reduce error margins and launch first- time-right with reasonable certainty and with certifications too. You will pride yourself upon the "Build Quality" and have the world buying your product, than just trying it.
In the entrepreneurial journey, walking around egg shells can become an arduous task, sometimes leading to residual setbacks of losing skilled and talented resources. I help maintain a semblance in the retention and attraction of not just the projected talent, but also ensure the right fit to the organization using psychology techniques to delve into resources' mindsets.