Business excellence in manufacturing

Manufacturing in individual entrepreneur run companies or companies in the range of 50 to 300cr, is more of adhoc reaction to various business events on a daily basis than CONNECTING well defined STRATEGY TO TACTICALS. Capacity is created as term loans or easier to avail. At best 50 to 75% of capacity is utilised in some years and always there is a struggle to honour delivery commitment.

My experience in turning around sick companies as well as scaling up SME from 66 cr to 97 cr in ten months to 225cr in the 36months gives me hands on experience in dealing with order forecasting to PLANNING FOR EVERY HOUR to driving the CRITICAL TO QUALITY forecasting upto minutes to dealing with maintenance aspect of the plant. Operations review from Loss Stream Analysis to FAN diagrams to financial MIS starts showing up results in short time. In one recent case study EBITDA moved from 6% to 16% when the company was struggling at the time of me beginning the engagement.