Currently traversing a Business Mentor's role in India's Entrepreneurial and corporate landscape

Leveraged my advance strategy management (from IIM-C) and mechanical degree to forge into the corporate world. Served enormous doses of value-stream mapping confluencing with six-sigma and accelerated top line, alongside turn around sick companies as well. Treaded the serial entrepreneurship path, converging the soft borders of technology, engineering and management to deliver returns to Investors. Current Assignments supplement my diverse portfolio - from stem cell technology with a reputed corporate where seven patents have been filed to start up in solar and robotics. Renowned for my ACCOUNTABILITY than mere responsibility.

Very chosen few get to live the dream. I have been one such fortunate individual who takes pride in having essayed successful roles in some of the top-ranked and deemed best Organizations of the country. Thermax India, Birla Accucast and Trinity Forge being case in points. Diverse domains of each Organization brought out the opportune moments to perform and deliver on business metrics. Advanced Sales & Marketing strategies applied to enhance reach combined with application engineering were the highlight of the Thermax journey. It took all of just two years to take MEPL from INR 80Crores to INR 200Crores with a committed promoter.

At Birla Accucast, planning a week in advance (to the hour) across man, machine and materials, compressing cash-conversion cycles, signing up with best of the auto OEM's of the world at frugal marketing costs and analyzing the Foundry world in its entirety to decide pricing strategy, enabled a positive EBITDA month-on-month resulting in the unit coming out of BIFR. A dual effort of aligning the Union and accelerating product development also paved way for doubling capacity.

Building something from scratch and to see it become a successful project has its' own fair share of thrills and place of pride on one's wall. Playing a key role in India's changing and growing entrepreneurial landscape to harness raw potential is a vision I strive to bring to life every day. Raising money for the company, convincing talented individuals to abandon the MNC luxuries in favour of the bumpy yet fulfilling entrepreneurial ride, attract and acquire global customers are the hallmarks of contributions to Vignani Technologies - an Engineering services company started in 2006 - which today is contributing to harness stem cell technology in the healthcare sector.

Three Exists in last ten years talk about ability to repeat success and reward investors. Being domain agnostic played a hand in developing patentable products in the lifestyle sector for Enovitech – a first generation start up

'The real power of money is the power to give it away' – Narayana Murthy
Finding a way to fund sustainable education ecosystems in remote villages of Tamil Nadu was the penultimate satisfaction of being a compassionate capitalist at heart. From configuring to commissioning of Isha Life – a wellness centre – Chennai, to winning the NDTV Hindu award for best centre, the experience is unmatched so far. Being one amidst the eminent trustee group of Majhi Maitrin – a charitable trust – Pune, enabled improving lives of and empowering over 200 under-privileged women.